Jim’s Mowing Maleny

Marvin de Mendonca – Seller , 13 Mar 2019

My wife/partner & I recently listed our Jim’s Mowing Franchise for sale with Advantage Business Sales and Valuations and we were so happy that we did go through them as it freed up time to continue to work and prepare for our new life instead of receiving a large amount of phone call enquires that never lead to anything except loss of time and silly questions from people that had no real desire in buying our business. When we realized this wasn’t the way to sell, we contacted Advantage Business Sales and they gave us various options of advertising and selling options so we got on board and with no time we had serious buyers attention.

We only receive leads and contacts from real people, ready to purchase, within lest than 12 weeks we sold our business and had plenty of people in line waiting to buy.

It was a no fuss transaction, and we are handing over the business on the 1st of April and moving on to our new life that we so desire. If we advertised with Advantage Business Sales and Valuations at the beginning we would have sold long ago, but as we all try to do it ourselves to try and save money on advertising and try to get a better result, it just doesn’t happen.

We most likely lost money due to all the time wasted with people asking silly questions and looking for avenues to different selling sites that lead to nothing.

We are so grateful with the team work that Advantage Business Sales and Valuations provide, quick and easy to deal with, outstanding communications with phone calls and emails back and forth, it seemed like we were asking the silly questions and they always responded with care. They really know what they are doing and I could only give my highest recommendations to them if you want to sell your franchise or business. It’s no fuss, great results, time saving, stress free and on our way we go. 

There are no words I can say to really thank them for our life changing decision to sell. We are so appreciating to Advantage Business Sales and Valuations for giving our lives back.