Why do you need a Business Broker?


What does a professional business brokers do?

Consider this, most people have never bought or sold a business before, and as a business owner if you get it wrong, the stakes are high! Whether it be poor levels of genuine enquiry on the business opportunity, lack of a decent offer, a procrastinating purchaser or challenges from the banks, there are many reasons why a sale can be impacted.


Remember, you’re an expert in running your own business, however a business sale is different; it’s complex, time consuming and faces may hurdles. An experienced business broker specialises in getting your business sold and dealing with all the steps involved.

That’s why we recommend engaging a professional business broker to help sell your business.

An expert that will help you sell the business, which includes presenting it professionally and helping you set a realistic and achievable sale price.


They will also extensively market the business to generate the maximum number of leads and then rigorously screen them.

An experienced business broker will prepare a unique sales pack which presents your business in the best possible light and help both parties work through the due diligence process. Keep in mind that the due diligence stage of a business sale is a critical time, a professional business broker will manage this stage carefully and maintain contact with the various advisors of both buyer and seller.

Critical to your sale, is your brokers ability to negotiate and problem solve issues that pop up along the way.  They will focus on keeping both parties on track until settlement. You need an expert to do this, someone who is experienced in identifying issues, most likely that have arisen in past sales, and then being proactive in addressing them.


All of this adds up to a professional service that gives you the best chance of achieving your goal of selling your business for the best price in a timely period.


That means you can focus on what you do best now – running your business and continuing to make it better.

So, if you are looking to sell your business, give yourself an Advantage and appoint a professional business broker to assist you.